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Tom Lu's Charity Soup Kitchen

Thursday, March 15, 2018


These are the vegetables we cut up for our soup kitchen charity event we held last year. The majority of the event was planned by Jenna, Katie, Amelia and me. We organised event approval, logistics, soup choices, costs, location, assistance and the execution of the event.

The soup kitchen was a good chance for me to practise independence, and although some assistance was still needed, it was minimal. Working in our team of four, we got to know our strengths and collaborated well to ensure that the event ran smoothly.
The soup kitchen charity event raised just over $500 for families in Cambodia to help improve their standard of living.
We were lucky enough to have pumpkins donated by a local fruit and veg store which was very generous. However, we were also able to give back to the community by supporting local produce for our other ingredients.
Tom Lu
Year 12 IB Student

Student Run Band by Jenna Chapman

Thursday, March 08, 2018


One of my CAS experiences was being part of a student-run band. We organised music and rehearsals in order to learn a song and audition for Showcase in 2017. We went through two rounds of auditions, got through and performed at showcase. It was a really positive experience getting to work with a group of friends on something we all loved.

There were some challenges, such as finding enough people to play a wide range of instruments and organising rehearsals which everyone could attend. However, we overcame these and had the reward of performing at Showcase.
We still perform this song when we get the opportunity such as at the Discover Woodcroft Tours. This experience has inspired me to learn a solo performance which I hope to audition with for Showcase 2018.
Jenna Chapman
College Captain and Year 12 IB Student