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Alice Bekkers cuts her hair for a cause

Thursday, November 29, 2018

For as long as I can remember I had beautiful long hair… 

This all changed a little while ago, my hair is still beautiful only a little shorter (by 38cm).

My hair has always been important to me and I realised that unlike me, many children with cancer or other diseases lose their hair due to these diseases or the treatment / medication they receive.

I saw this as my opportunity to make myself and another person happy.

I had had enough of my hair being the length that it was. (From tip to tip it was around 65cm)

It was getting strenuous to brush every morning and I am the worst when it comes to styling, (I can barely do a ponytail!) so I decided it was time to cut it all off.

I had heard before that it was possible to cut your hair and send it off to charities who make wigs for those with cancer or other diseases that cause hair loss, so I did a little bit of searching and found that Variety, the Children’s Charity, accepted hair donations.

The requirements for hair to be sent are;

  • No colour
  • At least 8 inches
  • Clean and dried
  • In a plait or ponytail with a hair tie at both ends. (Loose hair is not accepted)

I wanted to donate my hair to a children’s charity because children and adolescents often are self conscious about their appearance. I want another child who may feel self conscious about not having hair to feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

When the day came to get my hair cut I told my hairdresser what I had planned.

She had known me since I was a little girl and always saw me with my long hair so she was afraid to cut it all off, but after a little bit of convincing she washed and plaited my hair ready to cut.

My hair was so thick it was difficult to cut all in one go.

When the final cut separated my hair it felt like a huge weight had been taken off my head (both literally and spiritually). Because my hair is so thick and long it makes my head a lot heavier than you would think! I was so happy when I finally had the loose plait in my hand, it felt good to know that my hair would go to a child who needed it more than I did.

The length of the plait I donated was 38cm.

To make one wig it takes at least 6 ponytails, these charities are always in need of new hair to make more kids happy. If you are ever planning on cutting your hair and it’s long enough and isn’t coloured, please consider this I believe that what you put in life will give back, if you put in love and thought you will get that back someday, it also makes you feel like you accomplished something that benefits someone else.

I hope that once a wig is made the person will be able to enjoy it so much more than I am enjoying my new look!

Alice Bekkers
Year 11 IB Student