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Becoming a Surfer

Thursday, August 01, 2019



I used to live in Hong Kong, which is known for the concrete jungle, and now I am studying abroad in Australia, a country with sea and sunshine. I have joined the school surf club for two years and have become a surfer.

I went surfing every Thursday after school for around two hours in South Port Noarlunga with the surf club. At the beginning, I was a bit clumsy as I needed to master all the new skills to surf, but the more I surf, the more I understood how to paddle quickly, catch the wave, balance on the surfboard and surf in the sea. As a beginner, I found doing the paddling and standing on the surfboard quite challenging since we needed to have good balance skills on the surfboard as we were floating on the sea with waves. Also, surfing requires lots of coordination of the body, so we need to push our upper body up and twist our shoulders before we started standing on the board and tried to move our body a bit forward to change the surf direction. I can now stand and surf smoothly and master the skills without falling. Moreover, sometimes we can also go to the river and practice our balance by standing on the surfboard and float along the river as a free ride back to the storage room of the surfboards. Being able to enjoy the wind, the sun and the speed surfing on the surfboard in such a beautiful and clean beach, surfing is definitely an extraordinary sport activity to attend. I do not regret joining the Surf Club.

I really love surfing and feel so fortunate that I can surf now. It is beneficial that I take myself out of my comfort zone and develop a new skill and become a surfer. Also, I can learn to work with others to team up and carry surfboards together on a windy day to the coast. Since joining the Surf Club, I have learnt more about the surf culture and environmental aspects of the ocean. Surfing is an unforgettable experience; I don’t get much chance to surf in Hong Kong. I will definitely continue surfing as my leisure and sport activity.

by Aurora Mok
Year 12 IB Student