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Cake Decorating

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Baking and cake decorating has always been one of my favourite things to do. Over the school holidays I decided that I would take my baking to the next level, and complete four technical cakes. My goal of this CAS activity was to increase my skill level by learning new techniques and practising old ones. Each cake was different and required a set of new skills to decorate.

Before I started baking, I planned my design to make the process less stressful. During my activity I created a “Forest Animal Fondant Cake”, an “Ombre Buttercream Cake”, “Flower Cupcakes” and a “Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake”.

I asked my Aunty to help with each bake, as she has lots of experience in the decorating field. It was reassuring to have someone to answer my questions and provide an extra hand when it was needed. Each cake tested my abilities in different ways as they all required individual skills. I faced a few challenges with my decorating, mostly during the warmer weather. However as I progressed through and overcame each difficulty, the next challenge was easier to fix.

The cakes all took an extremely long time to bake and then decorate, but it was worth it in the end when I could see the final result. It was a really fun experience and I now know that I can do a lot more with cakes than I originally thought. I was very pleased with the outcome of all 4 cakes and I will definitely continue to bake more and more cakes whenever I can.

Amelia Gibbon 
Year 12 IB Student