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Toy Drive for the Salvation Army

Thursday, February 28, 2019

For my first CAS activity I planned and completed a toy drive for The Salvation Army. I decided to collect a wide range of children’s toys including books, stuffed animals, puzzles, figurines and board games. I collected both new and second hand toys, by asking for donations using a range of advertising posters.

Thanks to the wonderful donations of my friends, family and colleagues, I was able to donate over 100 toys to a much needed cause. I was able to respond to a need, while also engaging with the wider community around me. I spread awareness for The Salvation Army through the posters I created and helped to give attention to a charity that does so much work for the people of Adelaide.

I found completing this to be a very rewarding experience, because I know that the toys I collected will make lots of children smile and ease the stress on so many parents. Creating and being involved with this activity was also extremely rewarding as I felt so fulfilled once it was over. I was able to realise how many people across Australia are in need of assistance, and how just one person can make a large difference. I am very happy with how successful my toy drive was, I exceeded my original target and overall collected a wide variety of good quality toys.


Amelia Gibbon
Year 12 IB Student



The Tinikling Dance

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines, and is a traditional folk dance which originates from the Spanish colonial era. The dance imitates the movement of the tikling birds as they dodge bamboo traps set by rice farmers. Dancers mimic the tikling bird’s grace and agility by dancing between large bamboo poles.

The Tinikling is one of the oldest dances from the Philippines, and originated in the islands of Leyte in the Visayas. According to legend, the Tinikling was started by people who worked in the paddies and farms of the Philippines. When the Spaniards conquered the Philippines, the natives were sent to the haciendas (plantations, mines, or factories) and lost control of their land. To please the King of Spain, the natives had to work all day, and worked farms and paddies for nearly 400 years (1500 – 1898).

Those who worked too slowly would be sent for punishment, in which the worker had to stand between two bamboo poles. These poles were then clapped to beat the native’s feet. To escape their punishments, the natives jumped around the poles. From this action, the Tinikling was created.

Alice, Amy, Katarina, Miah, and I decided to perform the dance for our CAS Project, so we met regularly in the months leading up to International Day to plan the choreography, materials, clothes, music, and to practice and perfect our dance. We organised to perform our dance in front of the rest of the Middle and Senior School cohort on Celebrating Cultures Day, allowing us to showcase our dance and the culture of the Philippines.

Our performance on Celebrating Cultures Day was overall a success, we all had a lot of fun, and it provided us with an amazing experience which allowed me to share my culture with my friends and the school community.

Jeremy Talbot
Year 12 IB Student


CAS Project: 80s Quiz Night

Thursday, February 14, 2019

On Sunday 21 October 2018 Miah, Megan, Alice and I held an 80’s Quiz Night to raise funds for the drought.

We invited our friends, families and IB teachers. It was a long planning process as we had to make and send out invitations, find sponsors, write a quiz and work out the quantity of ingredients to buy in order to make 23 pizzas.

At times it was a stressful process but in the end it came together really well. Around 45 people attended and each was served with their pizza order which was included in the $15 entry.

We had 8 quiz rounds with topics ranging from 80’s Music to History, as well as two extra rounds of guess the celebrity and flags. They were quite challenging, thanks to the quiz writers Alice and Megan. We also had a raffle, as we were inundated with prizes thanks to Miah, who was in charge of sponsors.

All in all the night was super successful and we raised $850 dollars which went to Buy a Bale, in support of farmers struggling in the drought.

We would especially like to thank Miah’s Mum, Corina, for allowing us to have the event at her beautiful winery, Oliver’s Taranaga.

Grace Lockhart
Year 12 IB Student