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International Student Karaoke Night

Thursday, June 27, 2019

On the 24th May we hosted the first ever karaoke night for international students in the Year 12 building. Social nights had been organised for the Year 12 students throughout the year and these had been very successful. From this, the international student leaders and international committee decided that we would try and host one for the international students.

We hoped it would help them have fun with one another and have a nice break from studying. We were quite nervous that not many people would show up. We organised a plan on outlook to which people could either accept or decline the invitation. At first, there were numerous declines and we began to feel discouraged. However, soon more and more people begun accepting.

The night was a massive success. We had Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and English songs playing on a large TV with two microphones. The singing began instantly as everyone arrived. Each student was asked to bring a platter of food, resulting in a massive collection, barely fitting on two large tables.

Everyone had a go at singing their favourite songs. No matter whether you were a good singer, (there were plenty of those), or a rather bad singer, (like me), the applause never ceased throughout the night. There were a lot of slow and emotional songs, to which everyone used the flashlights on their phones and swung their arms in tune with the beat. Whereas, for the upbeat songs, everyone got up and danced.

There were also a lot of games on the night. Table tennis was very popular. It did not matter who was on your team or who you were against, everyone was inclusive and enjoyed a friendly and competitive game. Other students played card games, monopoly, twister and Wii.

There was something for everyone and never a moment of silence. We were shocked at how great the night was, with many students wanting another one as soon as possible. I really enjoyed a part of this and being with a group of such lovely people. We are hoping to have another social night next term.

Abigail Burley
Year 12 IB Student