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Devonshire Tea at Kingston House

Thursday, August 15, 2019


At the end of the year the school is hosting a study tour to Cambodia with ROK Kern. This study tour lasts for 12 days and is aimed at Australian Schools “to help schools who have a heart to care for vulnerable children, to learn about the harm done by orphanages, and the benefits of family-based care.” (Children in Families | Cambodia, 2019). When the school mentioned that they were holding a study tour to Cambodia I knew that it was not an opportunity I could pass up. To be able to go on this study tour, we need to pay our own way, which was $3,000. To raise some money to help pay for my part of the trip I decided to hold a Devonshire Tea at Kingston House. I chose Kingston House because I used to volunteer there on Sunday’s when they would hold their weekly Devonshire Teas.

Before the date of the fundraiser I had to organise raffle prizes and also get the word out about my fundraiser so people would attend. At the end of my planning I had eight raffle prizes with two being kindly donated. I also had a list of approximately 30 people coming which I was very happy with. Then the day before the fundraiser I had to go after school to set up the tables. After setting up the tables I felt a bit more confident about the day but I was still slightly nervous about the running of the day and worried that I was going to have forgotten to buy something even though I knew that I had checked everything off my list.

The fundraiser was a great experience for me because I had never organised or planned an event like this before. The experience was very fun, although it was sometimes stressful but overall is was very enjoyable and I would do it again if I got the chance. Overall I think the fundraiser was very successful as I raised $1,006 which is fabulous as my whole cost of the trip is $3,000, so the money raised is a big chunk of this. I also was told by many people that came that the Devonshire Tea was very fun and that it looked beautiful.

Amy Watt
Year 12 IB student

Tracking daily run with GPS

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Over the past month I have started running in the mornings before school on weekdays. Each morning when it wasn’t raining I got up a 6am, put on my running gear and go for a run around my area. By the end of the month I had run over 31km over a total of 15 days. The screen shot below was taken from an app called Strava which is used to record the time and distance and where I ran by GPS tracking. This screen shot is from the first day of running, because I hadn’t done any physical exercise since I stopped playing basketball at the beginning of the year, the first week was especially painful because I was out of breath and was slow but by the end it look me around 5 minutes per/km instead of around 9 minutes per/km so there was an improvement. During the running I changed paths to keep from being repetitive and so I did three different paths - a long path for the first few days to get my fitness up, a path that goes up and down hill and the last one was laps around the block which I did three times per run 800m per lap.

Flynn Noble
Year 12 IB

Becoming a Surfer

Thursday, August 01, 2019



I used to live in Hong Kong, which is known for the concrete jungle, and now I am studying abroad in Australia, a country with sea and sunshine. I have joined the school surf club for two years and have become a surfer.

I went surfing every Thursday after school for around two hours in South Port Noarlunga with the surf club. At the beginning, I was a bit clumsy as I needed to master all the new skills to surf, but the more I surf, the more I understood how to paddle quickly, catch the wave, balance on the surfboard and surf in the sea. As a beginner, I found doing the paddling and standing on the surfboard quite challenging since we needed to have good balance skills on the surfboard as we were floating on the sea with waves. Also, surfing requires lots of coordination of the body, so we need to push our upper body up and twist our shoulders before we started standing on the board and tried to move our body a bit forward to change the surf direction. I can now stand and surf smoothly and master the skills without falling. Moreover, sometimes we can also go to the river and practice our balance by standing on the surfboard and float along the river as a free ride back to the storage room of the surfboards. Being able to enjoy the wind, the sun and the speed surfing on the surfboard in such a beautiful and clean beach, surfing is definitely an extraordinary sport activity to attend. I do not regret joining the Surf Club.

I really love surfing and feel so fortunate that I can surf now. It is beneficial that I take myself out of my comfort zone and develop a new skill and become a surfer. Also, I can learn to work with others to team up and carry surfboards together on a windy day to the coast. Since joining the Surf Club, I have learnt more about the surf culture and environmental aspects of the ocean. Surfing is an unforgettable experience; I don’t get much chance to surf in Hong Kong. I will definitely continue surfing as my leisure and sport activity.

by Aurora Mok
Year 12 IB Student