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G'Day! Are you ok?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The past few months have been a struggle for everyone, changing their normal, day-to-day routines and having to virtually meet with their family and friends. To do my bit within the community I contacted the Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc, a local registered charity, who were advertising for volunteers to deliver cards to the letterboxes of houses in the local neighbourhood. On these cards was information regarding where to seek help if them or their family are struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. My aim was to deliver 700 cards to the streets around my local neighbourhood on foot, to maintain activity during this period.

I began my journey on the 27th of April, by delivering the flyers for around an hour and a half. In this time I had delivered to about 250 houses. The next day I completed another 50 houses and went to pick up the 400 remaining cards from the Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc. After delivering to only 300 houses, I received an email from the executive officer at the charity, whom I had contacted, explaining that a lady had phoned her explaining she was doing ok and that it was a very difficult time for her and her family. She was very thankful to know that others were there to contact during this time. I then received another email from the executive officer regarding a man contacting the services to thank the charity and volunteers for being there for the community.

I delivered the rest of the cards in the next week, a little later than expected due to restriction in the weather conditions. I also received another email from Amanda Rishworth (MP), that was passed on to me from the executive officer, providing her gratitude towards all of the volunteers delivering the cards.

The gratitude I had received after delivering 300 cards really inspired me to keep going and by the end of the week I had delivered the flyers to the roads planned and also had spare cards that I delivered to more streets.

This has been a very rewarding experience as I learnt how important it is to give back to the community and how valuable it is for other people to know that someone is always there to talk to in these difficult situations.

Chloe Seckerson
Year 11 IB Student