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Devonshire Tea at Kingston House

Thursday, August 15, 2019


At the end of the year the school is hosting a study tour to Cambodia with ROK Kern. This study tour lasts for 12 days and is aimed at Australian Schools “to help schools who have a heart to care for vulnerable children, to learn about the harm done by orphanages, and the benefits of family-based care.” (Children in Families | Cambodia, 2019). When the school mentioned that they were holding a study tour to Cambodia I knew that it was not an opportunity I could pass up. To be able to go on this study tour, we need to pay our own way, which was $3,000. To raise some money to help pay for my part of the trip I decided to hold a Devonshire Tea at Kingston House. I chose Kingston House because I used to volunteer there on Sunday’s when they would hold their weekly Devonshire Teas.

Before the date of the fundraiser I had to organise raffle prizes and also get the word out about my fundraiser so people would attend. At the end of my planning I had eight raffle prizes with two being kindly donated. I also had a list of approximately 30 people coming which I was very happy with. Then the day before the fundraiser I had to go after school to set up the tables. After setting up the tables I felt a bit more confident about the day but I was still slightly nervous about the running of the day and worried that I was going to have forgotten to buy something even though I knew that I had checked everything off my list.

The fundraiser was a great experience for me because I had never organised or planned an event like this before. The experience was very fun, although it was sometimes stressful but overall is was very enjoyable and I would do it again if I got the chance. Overall I think the fundraiser was very successful as I raised $1,006 which is fabulous as my whole cost of the trip is $3,000, so the money raised is a big chunk of this. I also was told by many people that came that the Devonshire Tea was very fun and that it looked beautiful.

Amy Watt
Year 12 IB student