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Formal Centrepieces

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Every year our school organises a night called a Formal, for all students in Year 11 and 12. Students dress up and gather for an evening of eating, dancing and having fun.

This year the Formal Committee decided to make the Formal theme ‘Enchanted Garden’. Since the start of Term 4 last year, our Formal Committee has been preparing for the event and each person or group of people in the Committee has a job to take care of, such as designing the tickets, buying the sashes or decorating the venue. Amy, Jeremy, Aurora and I were in charge of the table centrepieces.

Following the theme ‘Enchanted Garden’we looked at mason jars with flowers and fairy lights wrapped around it. We knew that Kmart at Marion has some mason jars available that come together with the flowers so we went there to check how many of them they had in stock. We needed 30 jars and 30 set of fairy lights for 30 tables, but they only had 15 in stock at Marion, fortunately, they had more jars available at Kmart Noarlunga. We were able to get all the jars and fairy lights that we needed.

We all met up one week before the actual event to put the fairy lights inside the jars and to make sure everything was ready for the night. On the night, each jar was put in the middle of the table with vines around it.

It was a great experience for me because I have never had the chance to decorate or to plan for an event like this before. I found it very enjoyable and fun to do. I got to work with other people in the Committee and put in my effort for an important event of the school. I think that we were successful. Everyone at the Formal said the centrepieces were very beautiful and they liked it a lot. It made me feel very happy when people liked and appreciated our efforts. This activity was an overall success for me because we had a lot fun doing it and the outcome turned out very well. I would love to do something like this again if I have the chance in the future.

Katarina Nguyen
Year 12 IB Student