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Hot Chocolate Stall

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Last year, Cassia, Manika and I held a hot chocolate stall at school to raise funds for the Soi Dog Foundation as a Service activity, complete with whipped cream, marshmallows and sprinkles. Despite some initial difficulties that we encountered while making the hot chocolate and transporting the pots from the Home Economics Centre to the oval, the business was successful, as a surprisingly large number of students came to buy the hot chocolate. We were also very pleased to see many students bringing their own mugs, for a 50c discount, to be more conscious of the environment. Unfortunately, the rainy weather made it impossible to continue after a while, and the stall was closed early. However, the overall experience, from planning to handing out the leftover marshmallows to Junior School students made for a plethora of great memories.

The stall raised around $180, which was amazing and highly motivating, given the limited amount of time that we were open. All of the money was donated to the Soi Dog Foundation, an animal rescue organisation based in Asia.

This experience was highly enjoyable and rewarding as I was not only able to collaborate with other students while raising money for a good cause, but it also allowed us to interact with the broader student body. I was very grateful for the students from the Charity Team who volunteered their time to help alongside us. Bad weather aside, the overall experience was great and I hope that the positivity at school continues to thrive.

Xin Ma (Freya)
Year 12 IB Student