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2019 Musical Crew

Thursday, March 12, 2020

I was so glad to be a part of the makeup team, because even though I am interested in attempting to do makeup, I am not a professional, people still trusted me to do their makeup. During the process, my makeup skills seemed to get better and I became more confident than at the beginning. Likewise, I have to say thank you to my team members as they gave me a lot of support and told me what to do or what kind of makeup the performers needed to have and some different advice. This let me feel less panic when I was doing makeup for the performers and build up my skills.

On the other hand, the feeling that the musical brought me was amazing. Either performers, teachers or crews, they all worked hard and put lots of effort into the musical. Everyone seemed to be very passionate about performing in the musical which I never had an opportunity to see a fantastic performance like this in Macau before. Now, I am looking forward to see the musical again in 2020!

CHEN Weiqi (Yolly)
Year 12 IB Student