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Surf Life Saving with Amelia Birch-Smith

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Surf Life Saving has been a large part of my life for many years now, and is a great activity for CAS. Combining the crucial community service element of weekend patrols with the physical nature of the sport, produces a challenging but extremely rewarding activity.

Last season I particularly focussed on progressing new skills such as working towards my IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) crew certificate. This will enable me to perform different roles within the team, whilst patrolling, and opportunities to compete against other clubs.

The activity and service elements of CAS have certainly been fulfilled and enjoyed thoroughly throughout Surf Life Saving.

Amelia Birch-Smith
Year 12 IB Student

Pink High Tea Fundraiser

Thursday, July 26, 2018

My first CAS project was working in collaboration with Amelia Gibbon and Amara Campbell to plan and initiate a fundraiser for The McGrath Foundation. This particular charity aims to raise awareness for breast cancer and enable women in country areas to have access to breast care nurses Australia-wide. We decided to raise money in the form of a mothers and daughters morning tea.

Together and with the kind donations of our guests we were able to raise over $350 for the McGrath Foundation as well as spread awareness of the importance of the charity and what they stand for. It was a fantastic learning experience as we all learnt a lot about event planning and organising and the benefits of working collaboratively. We all had a lot of fun and learnt many valuable interpersonal and organisation skills, which will help us in our future endeavours.

Zoe Ogilvie
Year 11 IB student



The CAS Blog and other CAS things…

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Over the first semester, we have tried to showcase the wonderful work our IB Diploma students are doing in all three areas of the CAS program, those being Creativity, Activity and Service. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about their achievements and their challenges. The CAS program is aimed at the learning that happens outside the classroom and develops skills for lifelong learning. A large component of the CAS program is service. During week 6 of this term, we hosted a Service Learning Expo to highlight the many local organisations that students can engage with as part of their service requirements.

We would love to hear any feedback about the CAS blog or any input from the Woodcroft College community to promote opportunities to our Diploma students that they may not be aware of. If you feel you have information or an opportunity for students to be involved in, especially in the service aspect, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

Sarah Shoobridge
CAS Coordinator


Six Week Fitness Program

Friday, June 29, 2018

My first CAS experience was planning and completing a six week fitness program which involved various types of exercise such as cardiovascular, strengthening, recovery as well as mental exercise. I completed exercises such as yoga, meditation, walking, foam rolling, playing tennis and netball training as well as incorporating one rest day per week.

The goal of my fitness program is to improve my flexibility and build on my fitness in preparation for the Melbourne Netball Tour at the beginning of July. I also aimed to try new exercises that I have never completed before such as yoga and mediation.

My fitness program has been a wonderful experience which has challenged me to set time aside to complete exercise and also complete new skills. However it has also tested my time management skills as at times it was difficult to manage completing homework and still have time to complete each the daily schedule of my fitness program.

Amara Campbell
Year 11 IB Student 


Georgia Dallimore learns how to make Okinomiyaki

Thursday, June 21, 2018

My very first CAS experience was working alongside Jeremy Talbot and Megan Alexander to learn how to make Okinomiyaki, a traditional Japanese “savoury pancake”. As we are all IB Japanese students, this was a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our culinary skills and also learn more about Japanese culture.

Okinomiyaki loosely translates to “How you like it”, so there were many different versions to choose from, as the batter and toppings used vary throughout regions of Japan. After lots of research and planning, we devised a recipe that was close to the traditional version (we had to alter some ingredients that were hard to find in Australia) and organised a day at school to make it, with Mr Tennent as our supervisor.

We wanted to share this experience with others, so we invited the Year 11 IB International students along to try the meal with us, as well as take the opportunity to get to know them and share more about our cultures. The Okinomiyaki was delicious and relatively simple to cook once the batter was made, and we all agreed it was a meal we would definitely make again.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and a great chance to see first-hand the types of experiences CAS can open up for students.

Georgia Dallimore
Year 11 IB Student


Grace Lockhart's hike through Deep Creek.

Friday, June 15, 2018

During the Term 1 holidays I embarked on a three day hike through Deep Creek Conservation Park with my friend Alice. It took a lot of planning before hand but it was a really great experience. I learnt lots about planning every detail, as I had to map out the walk, book the campsites and organise the correct equipment, which we borrowed from the Outdoor Education Department.

We also had to organise the safety procedures, where we had radios and walkie-talkies so we could always be in contact with my family at base camp. As well as planning I also had to learn about perseverance on the walk. There was no turning back once we started walking and no way to pull out. I had also injured my toe the day before and was struggling with the pain of that.

Alice helped me through and made it quite fun by playing games such as, I spy, along the way. It was an awesome experience down at Deep Creek, it is such a beautiful place with so much amazing wildlife. The walk was definitely a challenge but I leant so much from it and will definitely do something like it again.

Grace Lockhart
Year 11 IB Student

Ellen Melville's experience being part of the Formal Committee

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Formal Committee is an optional group activity open to students in Year 11 and 12.

I joined the Formal Committee last year when I was in Year 11 to get an insight of what roles and jobs would be needed I would need this year for our 2018 formal.

For our 2018 formal I was assigned the task of creating formal tickets, menus/programs, name cards and other stationery. The photos show the process of creating the formal ticket for this year. My Art teacher, Mrs Osborne, assisted me with my role and together we drew designs and created the final product using Photoshop.

From this I have learnt new skills in using Photoshop and being a part of a team within the Formal Committee.

The Year 12 students in the Formal Committee are fortunate enough to have so much control in making our formal the best it can be. It has been an amazing, new experience and I have loved being part of it.


Ellen Melville
Year 12 IB 2018

Dungeons and Dragons

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I taught my friends how to play the tabletop game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. I chose this activity because I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and the game is intended to be played with a group of friends. I decided that I could host a game for some of my friends as none of them had ever tried Dungeons and Dragons before, leaving me with an opportunity to both teach them the rules of the game, as well as develop my own storytelling, organisational and leadership skills.

It was challenging to get everyone into the flow of the game, and to have them find it very enjoyable. After some time and a lot of joking around, they were all laughing and enjoying the game, working together to tackle the challenges that the game presented.

Benjamin Grose
Year 12 IB 2018

Sin Teng's experience in the Athletic Team

Thursday, May 24, 2018




This is the 2017 SSSSA Athletic Team. It was my first year joining the Athletic Team, it was so much fun and I gained a lot of experience.

I competed in shot put and long jump. I improved a little each training and I learnt that if I did my very best that one day I would be an excellent athlete.

Last year I also joined the school badminton and volleyball team. After training I realised that volleyball is totally different to badminton. I usually do single in badminton matches but volleyball is a team with 6 people and it is mainly focussed on teamwork. At the first volleyball training, me and my teammates ran to get the ball but then both stop, hesitating because we think the other player will hit the ball. After the first training session we learnt that we have to call out "mine" loud for everyone to know that you are going to hit the ball.

Excellent teamwork will make a team stronger.

CHAU, Sin Teng (Sandy)
Year 12 IB 2018

Smith Family student2student program

Thursday, May 17, 2018

For one of my ‘Service’ activities, I signed up last year to participate in the Smith Family student2student program, in which students who need to improve their reading are paired with another student. My job, as a reading buddy, was to call my buddy 2 to 3 times a week and listen to them read and help and encourage them to improve their reading to the best of my ability. I decided to do this activity in order to use my skill in reading to help others. I had to be very patient and be able to communicate clearly to be able to really help and encourage my buddy.

Claudia Fluin
Year 12 IB, 2018