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Tracking daily run with GPS

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Over the past month I have started running in the mornings before school on weekdays. Each morning when it wasn’t raining I got up a 6am, put on my running gear and go for a run around my area. By the end of the month I had run over 31km over a total of 15 days. The screen shot below was taken from an app called Strava which is used to record the time and distance and where I ran by GPS tracking. This screen shot is from the first day of running, because I hadn’t done any physical exercise since I stopped playing basketball at the beginning of the year, the first week was especially painful because I was out of breath and was slow but by the end it look me around 5 minutes per/km instead of around 9 minutes per/km so there was an improvement. During the running I changed paths to keep from being repetitive and so I did three different paths - a long path for the first few days to get my fitness up, a path that goes up and down hill and the last one was laps around the block which I did three times per run 800m per lap.

Flynn Noble
Year 12 IB