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Toilet Murals

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Once Xander, Shailen, Cassia, Freya and I got to know that painting a mural for our CAS Project was possible, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We got to planning right away, brainstorming ideas for the mural itself and the place where it would be painted. We had wanted to create something personal for the students at the school, so we decided to paint toilets doors in the toilet block near the library and 6/7 courtyard. In the girl’s bathroom, we wanted to create an inspiring and positive atmosphere by painting encouraging quotes on the stalls. For the boys’ stalls, we wanted to make the space more vibrant and bright for the students that use it by creating a dynamic, cohesive artwork across the three stalls.

We decided that it would be best to paint during the summer holidays, and picked a week in the holidays when all of us were available. It was a coincidence that that week ended up being the hottest week of summer, but that also meant that the paint was drying much quicker, allowing us to paint several coats in a short amount of time. Luckily, the toilets themselves remained relatively cool, so it was actually pleasant to work there most of the time. We worked through Monday to Friday, starting from 9 am and finishing after 2 pm on most days. We did have to abandon our work on the Friday as it was well over 40 degrees that day, but were able to come back on a later date to finish it off.

Being the only ex-art student among the group, I had doubted my ability to execute the mural properly. It took some getting used to, but I found that I was able to draw on my past experiences and things I had learnt from my teachers over the years. Mrs. Osborne was also always checking on us and thus was able to guide us when we were really stuck on a problem.

We found that all of us worked together well, and kept each other on track. Listening to music while painting and taking lunch breaks with ice creams were definitely highlights of our day. It was also extremely gratifying to see that the while we had to adjust to various changes and overcome many challenges, it came together just the way we had planned it.

All five of us consider this mural as our contribution to the lively community at Woodcroft, and an invaluable part of our IB journey.

Manika Sareen
Year 12 IB Student