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Toy Drive for the Salvation Army

Thursday, February 28, 2019

For my first CAS activity I planned and completed a toy drive for The Salvation Army. I decided to collect a wide range of children’s toys including books, stuffed animals, puzzles, figurines and board games. I collected both new and second hand toys, by asking for donations using a range of advertising posters.

Thanks to the wonderful donations of my friends, family and colleagues, I was able to donate over 100 toys to a much needed cause. I was able to respond to a need, while also engaging with the wider community around me. I spread awareness for The Salvation Army through the posters I created and helped to give attention to a charity that does so much work for the people of Adelaide.

I found completing this to be a very rewarding experience, because I know that the toys I collected will make lots of children smile and ease the stress on so many parents. Creating and being involved with this activity was also extremely rewarding as I felt so fulfilled once it was over. I was able to realise how many people across Australia are in need of assistance, and how just one person can make a large difference. I am very happy with how successful my toy drive was, I exceeded my original target and overall collected a wide variety of good quality toys.


Amelia Gibbon
Year 12 IB Student