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Volunteering in Beijing, China

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

On the 18 January 2019, I went to the Chenguang Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Beijing, China, to make dumplings for the children with difficulties. The XiaoYa charity group holds the activity, and  dumpling making happens every Friday.

The activity began at 7am and the volunteers are in charge of all the procedures in making the dumpling, from cutting vegetables, making the skin of dumplings, putting them together and cooking them. In the end, we had more skin than filling, so we had some decorations made from flour and made muffins instead of dumplings.

The division of work was important in the activity since there were lots of work for us to do. Therefore time management is needed, a group of people made the filling while the others made the skin. We all needed to communicate so we could do the work efficiently.

The whole point of this activity was to bring warmth to the children with difficulties. I used to do similar activities in China, like teaching children to speak and play with them. The rehabilitation centre can't get much attention from the government in China, so the power of volunteers are needed. I also saw a boy who I met and played with three years ago. It was nice to see him growing up healthy, although he may not remember me.

Raymond Wang
Year 12 IB Student