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The Benefits of Working Out

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Since the day I first started working out, it has been eight months. I am really happy and proud with what I have done in the gym so far, and also I can actually feel the benefits.

My body is getting stronger and so does my mind. As I am not a man who has strong willpower, I am pretty surprised that I can stick to it and keep on going and of course, it means a lot to me.

I start to believe in myself and realize my own strength. During this time, I roughly go to the gym three times a week. Additionally, I have read a wide range of books which are about working out. I have gained a lot of knowledge about physical ability and physical makeup. And now, I can make a good plan of training for each week and organise myself much better.

For myself, it even makes me feel weird if I stop going to the gym for several days after eight months training in the gym. One thing that I am really sure of is working out makes me better in various aspects. So I’ll keep doing this and stick to it.

CHEN, Qianfan (Kurt)
Year 12 IB Student