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Year 6 and 7 Disco

Monday, March 02, 2020

Volunteering for the Year 6 and 7 Disco last year was an entirely new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls who went on the Cambodian tour at the end of last year wanted to raise funds to ease their financial burden, and this event was just the right one to do so. Even more so, I was very excited about this event as we had been planning to do it for several years.

Members of the Charity Team were asked to run different activities throughout the night. I chose a dance competition as I am a dancer myself and have observed several competitions over the years. However, this was still a challenge for me as successfully planning and running an event aimed towards to younger kids would be difficult. So I made sure to select songs that were fairly recent and popular to gain the children's interest. I also chose songs that were age appropriate and not overly sexual for the Year 6s and 7s. Then these songs were sent to all the tutor groups to select from and choreograph in two weeks. All the classes took on the challenge and it was extremely rewarding to see their involvement.

Then I researched party games appropriate for children aged 12 - 13 and chose to do Pass the Parcel, Party Bags, Musical Statues and Back Up. I had to choose the items for the Party Bags myself, and I went on a hunt to find as many weirdly textured things as possible. For Pass the Parcel, I wanted to make it more unique and suited to the night, so I researched about some challenges and then set to create one myself. So when the students were actually playing the game on the night, I got to witness the excitement of them getting to open it. Alongside, I also filled up the two piƱatas that were hung up on the night.

We also consciously made the choice to not use streamers and balloons so as to reduce plastic waste. I suggested we use glow sticks for each student as an alternative, which we ended up using on the night. The students were excited to have them, and it also helped create the mood for the disco. Most of the students ended up taking their glow sticks home or made sure to dispose them off, which was what we had hoped for.

The dance competition turned out to be the most anticipated part of the night, where everyone of us were waiting for the performances with bated breath. Each one of them were extremely well done and it was a pleasure to judge them. I think that the Year 6s and 7s found it just as enjoyable as we did, which made the activity, and the whole event, all the more successful.

Manika Sareen
Year 12 IB Student