The College recently partnered with Grandshake who offer students from all ages opportunities for Virtual work experience, including access to industry mentors, guidance, and opportunities to prepare students for the future workplace. These micro credentials are well regarded by potential employers and look impressive on resumes when students apply for their first part-time job.

All Senior students can participate in Careers Week activities held each year in May with external presenters sharing their career experience. An annual Careers Exhibition is held at the College with representatives from various tertiary institutions and other post school career options attending to meet with students. Visiting tertiary institutions for Careers Enrichment Day is also offered to students.


A holistic experience is a driving motivator in English at Woodcroft College. Students have the opportunity to engage with the Woodcroft and wider communities through participation in excursions, incursions and daily clubs in the heart of English – our beautiful library. Our clubs include writing groups, for our aspiring poets and authors, and support sessions for those who need that extra help.

Drama at Woodcroft College is a place to immerse students in theatre. Students who study Drama attend State Theatre performances, participate in immersive incursions – including stage combat by a Hollywood trainer – and perform for a range of audiences. Our passionate Drama teachers create theatre communities where student agency and confidence flourish.

English Drop-In
English Drop-in is designed for students in Year 11 and 12 as an opportunity to build capacity and seek support with their work.


Students from Year 7 to Year 12 experience a range of specialised activities to support their health and personal development. These activities include:

  • Year 7: How to be a good friend
  • Year 8: Building character and awareness of real versus fake
  • Year 9: Consequences of choices and actions, and being more responsible
  • Year 10: Becoming more mindful or un-lonely
  • Year 11: Teen issues (exercise, tattoos, risky attitudes, social media)
  • Year 12: Agents for change: environmental/social health issues

The students participate in focus days or weeks including:

  • National Day of Action against bullying and violence: Bullying. NoWay!
  • Body Kind Schools week (focus on what bodies CAN DO rather than how it looks)
  • Volunteer week
  • World Kindness day
  • R U okay? day

Year 12 students will be involved in P.A.R.T.Y, the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth Program – an in-hospital or on-site injury awareness and prevention program which aims to show students firsthand some of the tragic consequences that can occur if they participate in risk taking behaviour. The aim is to give young people the skills to recognise potential injury-producing situations and make better choices to minimise risk and avoid trauma and injury.


Reconciliation Week
Presentations from Indigenous Australians to build understanding of Aboriginal language and culture for Year 7 students.

Shark Tank eSchool
Year 11 Business Innovation students participate in the Shark Tank eSchool program through the University of Adelaide and MIE LAB. The program runs over one Semester with students working in teams to come up with problems or opportunities they see in the community. Students work towards a business idea, developing and testing a solution.

Each year our students will pitch their idea in a competition against other schools. If students choose to study an Innovation/Entrepreneurship course at the University of Adelaide they will receive a credit from their participation in the program at school.

Middle and Senior School students participate in the annual Australian Geography Competition.

All students from Year 7 to Year 12 will experience real-world fieldwork including study of geological landscapes to sustainability investigation, coastal management strategies and in their final year, students will create their own investigations and select their fieldwork focus.

Middle and Senior School students participate in the annual Australian History competition.


Innovative Technologies provides an opportunity for students to engage with a wide range of new technologies in the context of genuine design challenges. Some focus areas include 3D printing, CNC controlled machinery, laser cutting, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

VEX Robotics Global Challenge
Students in Year 10 can participate in the VEX Robotics Global Challenge. This involves students working in small teams to design and build a robot to compete in the challenge. Teams work through an engineering design process to develop their solution with the ultimate aim of progressing to national and then world competitions.

VEX Robotics SWER Line Challenge
Year 11 Robotics students are among a unique group of South Australian school students selected to participate in the SA Power Networks SWER Line Challenge in 2021. Students will be engaged in solving a real world problem that effects regional South Australia and will have the opportunity to present their prototype to a panel of experts for judging. The winning robot will make its way to university students for further prototyping and the winning team will have the opportunity to meet SA Power Networks’ very own Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog.


Students studying German or Japanese will take part in a range of excursions and learning opportunities to develop their language skills and understanding of culture. From food to architecture, films, art and cultural celebrations.

Students can undertake language immersion through international travel as part of our Global Learning Experiences.


Our Junior School teaches the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) which requires students in Year 6 to tackle important global topics with the aim of taking action to make a change.

Students choose to research a global issue that speaks to them personally. Their research culminates in the PYP Exhibition, where parents, peers and teachers have the opportunity to learn about the different topics and what we all can do to make a change.

The exhibition is a powerful demonstration of student agency. The learning community participates in the exhibition, supporting and celebrating the development of internationally minded students who make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.


Students in Year 7 to Year 9 are offered the choice of three levels of Mathematics according to their ability and interest. Students can move between classes at the end of each term based on their growth and engagement. Students in all classes are learning the same content but to a different depth.

Students in Years 10 to Year 12 are offered the choice of Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, and Specialist Mathematics according to their ability and interest.

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
Middle and Senior School students may participate in the annual Australian Mathematics competition. The aim of the competition is to demonstrate the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives.


Big Science Competition
Students take part in the Big Science Competition designed to test science knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills. This multiple choice exercise sets questions in real-life, contemporary contexts to make them relatable and interesting.

Science Olympiads
Students take part in the Australian Science Olympiads which provides opportunities to extend learning through challenging exams, stimulating extensions and enrichment programs and international competitions.

International Chemistry Quiz
The International Chemistry Quiz provides a unique chemical education activity to students. It provides a major focus on the relevance of chemistry in an exciting and stimulating to help students understand more about chemistry and role of chemists on society.


Students in Year 10 to Year 12 are provided with information and opportunities about Vocational courses and employment vacancies. Students have access to counselling and support to apply for external courses and career pathways.

Students in Year 10 can apply for a specialised two-year school-based traineeship in Sport and Recreation. The successful student will work with the Junior School Physical Education program and staff in the Middle and Senior School to build skills and gain qualifications.

Year 11 and 12 students undertake online Vocational courses and have support for study plan and work experience requirements. Courses include Early Childhood Education, Business Administration, Fitness or Sport and Recreation.

Visual Arts

With annual exhibitions in Year 1, Middle and Senior School, students showcase their work across a broad spectrum of art disciplines and technologies including visual art, design, digital art and photography. The high standard of work is celebrated each year.

Artist in Residence programs and visiting artists broaden students’ views and understanding of contemporary art and its varying forms. Many inspiring works are created, and wonderful learning opportunities presented.

The Art faculty provides opportunities for extended learning tasks for highly able learners and students with diverse learning needs through after school and lunch time Art Club activities.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we live, work, teach and learn.
We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and their deep connection with country.
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