An important message from the Chair of Council

Posted : 15-Feb-2017

I wish to advise that the Headmaster, Mark Porter, has indicated his intention to retire at the end of the 2017 academic year.

Mark has been an exemplary Head and educational leader during his 27 years at the school.

His dedication to improving all aspects of the College community will leave us in an excellent position, with a wonderful educational program, committed staff, and enhanced facilities and grounds.

The College Council has always appreciated Mark’s wise counsel and dignified approach, and we will be sad to see him leave.

We have expressed our thanks to Mark for allowing us the time to undertake an extensive recruitment and selection process which will enable a smooth transition for a new Head of Woodcroft College to commence in 2018.

The process has already begun.

There will be opportunities for the College community to express their thanks and best wishes to Mark over the coming year.

Meanwhile, the College will continue to benefit from Mark’s leadership and that of his strong management team.

(Ms) Jo O’Connor
Woodcroft College Council