EVATT Nationals Competition

Posted : 09-Dec-2020

On Tuesday 1 December, Lara Richardson and Ella Dallimore (both Year 11) competed in the first round of nationals for EVATT. This round was the most difficult one they have ever competed in, with their competitors on a level they’ve not seen so far at preliminaries. The online formatting was a little confusing, however in the second debate they started to get the hang of it and managed to get some signatures on our amendments. Unfortunately, none of them reached the Chair. 

Unfortunately Lara and Ella did not progress to the finals, but they should be incredibly proud of how they went in the competition. They came a long way from the first debate (which they found exhausting) and really started to get the hang of it. They look forward to competing again next year.

Well done to Lara and Ella on their achievements.