Girls Invent

Posted : 27-Jun-2016
What makes a successful entrepreneur?

What inspires the greatest innovators of our time?

What element makes one person succeed, when so many have failed before?

The answer is, self-belief.

Dr Mark Glazebrook, the founder of Girls Invent, a schools-based innovation program to assist girls to become successful inventors and entrepreneurs, worked with some of our Middle School girls last week as his first Adelaide workshop.

Mark is an innovator, inventor and business leader with a unique track record for social innovation as BP’s Head of Social Responsibility, and as a lecturer at Deakin University.

During his visit, Mark was able to draw on the extensive commercial and innovative expertise of the Girls Invent network to bring a level of practical reality and market insight on how to take an idea and get it to market. And more importantly, when to discontinue with a concept and move on to the next.

After his workshop Mark stated that he “was impressed by the care and facilities that students can access. As an innovation program operating around Australia to support young women, I would rate Woodcroft as among the best schools I've worked with and this is something I also noticed in how the students approach learning”.

Girls Invent has one simple purpose: To create an unshakeable belief amongst girls that they can become innovators and create inventions or products if they so choose.

Deputy Head of Woodcroft College, Catherine Lockhart, has said that it is a “really exciting program for the girls, not only from an innovative and entrepreneurial perspective, but the program teaches them important life skills. We were very fortunate to host Dr Glazebrook’s first visit to Adelaide”.