Healthy Minds Program

Posted : 17-Mar-2016
Dr Tom Nehmy will work with students to teach them the skills to develop and maintain a healthy and balanced life, and to be at their best regardless of external circumstances.

Earlier this year, we launched the introduction of the Healthy Minds Program at the Year 8 Parent Information Evening.

This Program, developed by award-winning clinical psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy, is now an integral component of the student’s Health and Personal Development (HPD) curriculum.

Students, parents and staff will be exploring this journey together and regular emails will be sent to parents to keep them abreast of the information, discussions and content being delivered at school. This information can be used by parents to facilitate discussion in the home.

Dr Nehmy has been genuinely inspired by his experience of working with our staff and students so far, and is looking forward to an enduring partnership moving forward.