Living With Your Teenager

Posted : 11-May-2017

This parent seminar is open to all families in Years 9 to 12. Graham will provide insight into understanding a 21st century teenager. There are many challenges to face. Graham will give you a wonderful insight into your child’s new world, equip you with a bundle of great ideas, and help you lay a foundation for your child’s success, and your sanity, through his or her adolescence. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in your child’s education. It is our aim as a College to support our parents and forge a strong partnership as we together seek to educate and equip our students for life. 

There will be no registration fee for the evening. However, we will request a gold coin donation on entry that will support our partnership and involvement with the Smith Family Reading Buddy Program.

To learn more about Specialities Australia visit their website at  


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