Posted : 06-Dec-2016

One school curriculum doesn’t fit all students’ needs.

Offering three Senior School pathways – the SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education), VET (Vocation Education Training) in SACE, and the IBD (International Baccalaureate Diploma) - may not be enough, either.

We invest in young people and believe that preparing them for the future – whether that’s further education or the workforce – is critical.

Year 10’s the key.

This is why specific Senior School programs have been developed at Woodcroft to give young people real opportunity.

JS50 (Jump Start 50) enables students who wish to pursue the VET Pathway to get a head start in SACE.

It prepares and equips them for their off-campus commitments during Year 11 and 12.

To find out more about JS50, contact Andrew Griffiths, Head of Senior School, via email at [email protected]