Year 8 Camps Begin on Monday

Posted : 22-Feb-2018
Year 8 Camp Activities

A reminder that the Year 8 Camps begin next week (Week 4).

CAMP 1 (8LH, 8TK and 8PL)
Depart - Monday 26 February (Students to arrive at the College by 8:45 am) 
Return - Friday 2 March (Return approximately 2.45 pm)

CAMP 2 (8NT, 8CB and 8AK)
Depart - Monday 5 March (Students to arrive at the College by 8:45 am)
Return - Friday 9 March (Return approximately 2.45 pm)

Students can leave their luggage in the College Breezeway (which will be under supervision) to attend Tutor Group at 8:45 am.

On return from camp, students can leave once parents have signed them out.
Alternatively, students can wait with their teachers until normal dismissal at 3:15 pm.

For all enquiries - contact Ben Taylor, Head of Outdoor Education on 8322 2333.