Early Learning Centre

Join us at Woodcroft College Early Learning Centre

Thank you for considering Woodcroft College ELC for your family.

Woodcroft College has been educating young people for over 30 years and with the addition of our brand new ELC your child will be welcomed into our caring and supportive community.

International research tells us that, for every year a child spends in a high-quality early learning program like ours, their school outcomes in literacy and numeracy improve dramatically.

We also recognise what is important when you are looking for an early learning centre: a nurturing, inspiring, safe environment, with responsive, qualified early learning professionals. It is all about the feel of the centre, finding a place where your child can explore and develop their full potential and where memories are made.

We want you to know:

  • We see all children as capable, curious, creative, imaginative beings, seeking connection with other adults and children, and ready to learn and play.
  • Our children are encouraged to become confident, active, resilient, self-reliant and successful life-long learners through a play-based environment where all children are inquirers.
  • We value families as the child’s first and most influential educators and support connections to family, community, culture and place through our learning programs.
  • We support children to celebrate their individual differences by showing tolerance and respecting the right of others to be themselves.

Our learning environment – ‘the third teacher’.
Woodcroft College has developed a purpose built Early Learning Centre, ensuring that the child is at the centre of the learning environment, and the environment becomes ‘the third teacher’.

Our outdoor area encourages children to be excited to explore and immerse themselves in the natural world. Indoors is filled with natural light, private spaces for quiet reflection and resources that engage children’s curiosity through play.

Our modest sized activity rooms allow families to have the opportunity to connect and build robust relationships with our educators and other families along with the flexibility to move between spaces.

Our Centre includes the stunning features of:

  • An all-natural playground with intriguing discovery areas, water features pooling into sandpits, and our mud kitchen, creating sensory play opportunities for children, fairy houses, a cubby house and wooden climbing structures.
  • Bright, welcoming indoor spaces designed for children to socialise and learn together.
  • Ateliers beside each room, a space for children’s artistic experimentation.
  • A strong connection with Woodcroft College, ensuring a comprehensive school readiness program. Being part of the College Community, children will be exposed to a range of learning areas by specialist staff.

Our Method of Learning 
As an International Baccalaureate school, our ELC is guided by the IB’s Primary Years Program and the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educators are also guided by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

Early childhood is a time for play, curiosity, imagination, discovery and adventure. We recognise that all children learn in different ways and at different paces. Our unique tailored learning method is designed to suit each individual and each family that comes through our doors. Through our play-based learning, learning potential is maximised and children are able to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.

The programs are designed to encourage our youngest learners to reach their full potential by providing learning experiences in a safe and stimulating environment. Children learn through play and inquiry that allows them to pursue their own individual interests, while our experienced educators support the individual needs of all children.

Staff at Woodcroft College ELC are experienced, qualified early childhood specialists who encompass the values of the college through the tailored programs they plan for children. 

Tours and Enrolment
Families can enrol their children to start at Woodcroft Early Learning Centre from 3 years old and they can remain at the Early Learning Centre until they start Reception.

We encourage families to take centre tours. Visiting our ELC is the best way to meet our Director and educators and learn more about our approach to early learning and see our wonderful environment for yourself. 

To book into a small group tour, please click here.

To register your interest in attending the ELC, please complete a Registration of Interest and submit with your non-refundable registration fee.

Please note, all children who are enrolled at the ELC must be toilet trained. 

Transition to Reception 
By enrolling your children in the Early Learning Centre, you are introducing them to the values and culture of Woodcroft College, making the transition to school a smoother one for both you and your child. Children will have a supported transition to Woodcroft College Junior School through regular visits and introductions to the Junior school staff and school environment.

Children will also have opportunities to form relationships with older children in the school who will act as great role models for our youngest students.

Children are eligible to start Reception in Term 1 if they turn 5 before May 31 in that year. 

Operating Information
Woodcroft College Early Learning Centre offers a safe and stimulating learning environment for children aged 3 -5 years.

Woodcroft College ELC is a long day care facility, offering flexibility for families and access to the Child care subsidy.

We will be open from 6.45 am - 6.15 pm Monday to Friday for 50 weeks of the year.

Further Information
For more information please contact our Early Learning Centre Director, Natasha Olrich, at [email protected] or on 8381 0422.