Outdoor Education

The primary goal of the Woodcroft Outdoor Education Program is to develop the following three qualities in our students:

  • Perseverance: trying hard, not giving up too soon and becoming more resilient.
  • Selflessness: regularly acting for the benefit of others rather than self.
  • Community Spirit: feeling a responsibility for the welfare of society.

The activities students take part in are not viewed as ends in themselves: that is, we do not think it is vital that all our students learn how to sleep in a tent, rock climb or solve initiative problems. Rather, we see these experiences as effective ways to teach valuable lessons about life. The program’s method of achieving this goal rests on the principle of experiential learning:

Junior School

Year 3 students take part in a sleepover at the school, developing their independence and team building skills.

Year 4 students take part in an overnight camp, developing their team building and decision making skills.

Year 5 students take part in a two-night camp promoting leadership and team building skills.

Middle School

Year 6 students take part in a three-day camp at Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island. Activities include: horse-riding, archery, rock-climbing and swimming.

Year 7 students take part in a three-day camp at the Murraylands Aquatic Centre near Murray Bridge. Activities include: sailing, sailboarding, knee-boarding, kayaking, canoeing and rowing.

Year 8 students take part in a five-day camp based at Middleton Caravan Park on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The focus of the camp is outdoor living, personal development and problem-solving. Activities include initiative games, surfing, kayaking and abseiling.

Year 9 students take part in a fourteen-day camp in the Victorian Grampians. Quest is a multi-activity, experiential learning camp focussed on students' personal development.

Senior School

Year 10 students take part in a four-day camp at Tuilkilkey Station in the Mid-North. Students are involved in a Rogaine that takes them back to the 1800s. Small independent groups compete in an extended initiative game as they move around the 20 000 hectare property.

The Future Leaders Program

Over the past 20 years the College has had a leadership development program for Year 10 students. The program is offered to a group of 26 students to develop leadership skills through adventurous outdoor activities.

In the first year of the program students work towards gaining the Woodcroft College Outdoor Education Leadership Certificate. To be able to attain this level, participants will be required to attend the following:

  • lunch time training sessions once a week in Terms 1 to 3 to complete the core curriculum that is required to develop their outdoor and leadership skills.
  • any additional after school sessions deemed appropriate (generally gear issue).
  • 3 single day activity sessions (dispersed throughout Terms 1 to 3).
  • 5 day canoe expedition.
  • 3 day leadership/Rogaine trip.
  • 3 day self-led expedition.
  • 5 day rock climbing expedition.

Participants are also required to complete a compulsory community service section which can be self-directed or selected from options offered in school (e.g. recycling program and tutoring).

Staff and Students

Many Woodcroft staff who are not full time Outdoor Education teachers voluntarily take part in the program. On camp, staff and students have the opportunity to relate to one another in a different context. This strengthens our school community and builds mutual respect between staff and students.

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