Student Services

The College employs specialist staff to support learning in the classroom as well as experienced, trained staff to assist with personal counselling and career guidance.

Careers Counselling

The College's Careers Counsellor is a valuable link between school and beyond. Students are provided with information to help them make decisions about future careers, courses and further education. For more information students are able to visit our dedicated careers website

LINC Program

The LINC (Literacy, Inquiry, Numeracy and Collaboration) Program in the Junior School employs a member of staff in each year level to help students with Literacy and Numeracy.

Supported Learning

The Middle and Senior Schools employ staff at each year level to help students with Literacy, Numeracy and Social Skills development.

Highly Able Learners

Within the broad range of learners, different levels of intellectual potential and ability will require different types of educational provision. Highly Able Learners will be taught in mainstream classes through a differentiated curriculum.

Teaching and learning methodologies, which encourage all students to extend their thinking and learning, are utilised across all subject areas. Provisions for Highly Able Learners include opportunities for enrichment and extension within and beyond the classroom.

Enrichment opportunities are provided within regular learning programs, as well as through participation in particular areas of interest.

Personal Counselling

Teaching staff are supported by 2 qualified counsellors, available for students wishing to talk about any concerns or issues they may be facing. They are central in fostering high quality relationships among students, parents and staff. 

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