Why Woodcroft?

Woodcroft students are able to access a world-quality education.

They are supported in a very professional and collegial environment; the staff care about them and beyond that they have wonderful opportunities in many local, sporting and overseas programs. The world is at their doorstep.

People sometimes ask the question: Why Woodcroft? A better question is: Why not? The curriculum is internationally-recognised; the focus is student-centred; the pastoral care is outstanding; the extra-curricular program is broad; and a sense of community is ever-present. The best way to experience Woodcroft is to visit. Why not explore the website or, better still, book a College Tour? We can’t wait to welcome you to our community.


Our 2019 College Captains

From our College Captains

Our school is a great community where students have the opportunity to learn in an encouraging, supportive and contemporary educational environment. One of the things that makes our school special is the ongoing guidance from our teachers, not only in our academic journey, but also in our personal one.

Woodcroft College is an International Baccalaureate World School providing us with an extensive curriculum and the avenues to achieve our best, rewarding hard work and effort. Our international program allows for exchanges to other countries and to experience different cultures. We are fortunate to have a number of International students in our classes who can contribute to discussions and give different perspectives.

There are so many opportunities here and with the support of passionate teachers, everyone can shine.

Pastoral Care of our Students is a Priority

Our Pastoral Care system ensures that all students are supported and valued as an individual. The fostering of high quality relationships among students, parents and staff is a responsibility shared by everyone.

"At Woodcroft we are committed to providing the best possible care for our students. Teachers are supported by our Student Services Team, consisting of a Director of Student Services and two qualified counsellors, and the College Chaplain."


Hear from Woodcroft Parents

Parents choose Woodcroft College because of the values of the College and the exceptionally high educational standards the College holds. As an IB World School, parents also love the fact that there are many different pathway options available to their children.

Take a look at this short video.

Outdoor Education Programs

The primary goal of the Woodcroft Outdoor Education Program is to develop the following three qualities in our students:

Perseverance: trying hard, not giving up too soon and becoming more resilient.
Selflessness: regularly acting for the benefit of others rather than self.
Community Spirit: feeling a responsibility for the welfare of society.

The activities students take part in are not viewed as ends in themselves: that is, we do not think it is vital that all our students learn how to sleep in a tent, rock climb or solve initiative problems. Rather, we see these experiences as effective ways to teach valuable lessons about life.

The Outdoor Education Program supports students to experience success at their own pace and ability level, while facing mental and physical challenges.

Hear from Woodcroft Students

What students love about Woodcroft is how everyone respects each other and how teachers encourage everyone to do their best. Others comment about the 'community feel' of the College and how everyone is really friendly.

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