The College Council sets the annual fees.

The Fee Schedule contains important information about specific fees and charges and outlines the College Fee Payment Terms.

To view and download a copy of the 2021 Fee Schedule for Junior, Middle and Senior School, please click here

To view and download a copy of the 2020 Fee Schedule for the ELC, please click here.

Available Discounts

In addition to scholarships, we offer the following fee reductions for families in Reception to Year 12:

Early Payment Discount: A 5% discount is available to families who pay their annual fees by the nominated date (usually early February).

Sibling Discount: Sibling discounts increment progressively in accordance with the number of siblings attending the College. The discount is applied to the the total College fees as follows:

1st sibling 15% discount

2nd sibling 30% discount

3rd sibling 45% discount

4th + sibling 60% discount

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